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What is OwnCloud and how to install it?

OwnCloud is an open-source and free file cloud storage.

It is used to share and synchronize data, as well as to store documents.

Nowadays, the need for a secure platform has increased, and all businesses need somewhere reliable to store their files and private documents.

Your data is as important as your business, and choosing an easy-to-use user interface that provides a feature of drag and drop is highly important.

OxaCloud, allows you to easily upload OwnCloud in a few seconds in a highly secure environment and at a low cost, and gives you the ability to access your internal file servers.

Discover what OwnCloud is, how to install it, and use it via the platform Cloud PaaS of OxaCloud !  

Choose OwnCloud, and make sure that OxaCloud gives you a better, secure file-sharing experience.

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